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Teman2 dari Teknik Kimia yang bisa bikin Water Test Kit seperti Spec dibawah ini, tolong kontak saya:

Raldi 0816-1992186

Email    koestoer@eng.ui.ac.id

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Water Test Kit InScienPro AYI-10

WATER TEST KIT InScienPro AYI-10 , adalah alat untuk memeriksa kualitas air minum, baik kualitas secara fisik maupun kimiawi, pemeriksaan kualitas secara fisik maupun kualitas kandungan kimiawi dalam air minum meliputi :

Pengukuran Kimia, terdiri dari :

  1. Amonium test
  2. Mangenese test
  3. Iron test
  4. Sulfate test
  5. Chloride test
  6. Nitrate test
  7. Nitrite test
  8. Chlorine test
  9. Alumunium test

10.  Total Hardness test

11.  pH test

Pengukuran Fisika, terdiri dari :

  1. Temperature test
  2. Turbidity test

Peralatan & aksesoris :

  1. Photometer
  2. pH Test dan Temperatur
  3. Turbidity Test
  4. Bottle sample
  5. Glove and masker
  6. Hard Carrying Case

Spesifikasi :

Photometer :

– Daerah ukur :

  1. Amonium Cell Test/ 25 test 0.010 – 2.000 NH4-N
  2. Mangenese Cell Test/ 25 test 0.10 – 5.00 Mn
  3. Iron Cell Test/ 25 test 0.05 – 4.00 Fe
  4. Sulfate Cell Test/ 25 test 50 – 500 SO4
  5. Chloride Cell Test/ 25 test 5 – 125 Cl
  6. Nitrate Cell Test/ 25 test 0.5 – 18.0 NO3-N, 2.2 – 79.7 mg/l NO3 • Nitrite Cell Test/ 25 test 0.010 – 0.7000 NO2-N, 0.9 – 75.3 NO2
  7. Chlorine Cell Test/ 200 test 0.05 – 7.50 Cl2
  8. Alumunium Cell Test/ 25 test 0.02 – 0.5 mg/l Al
  9. Total Hardness Cell Test/ 25 test 5 – 215 Ca

–          Menggunakan Metode Barcode untuk masing masing test,

–          Aplikasi multifungsi, digunakan untuk pengukuran air minum, air limbah, air proses, dan air tanah/ permukaan.

–          Memori menyimpan hasil pengukuran : 1000 hasil

–          Display bahasa operasional: Bahasa indoesia

pH test (Digital)

–          Daerah ukur pH : 0.0 to 14.0 pH

–          Temperatur Operasional : 0 to 50° C

–          Akurasi pH : ±0.1 pH pada 20 °C

–          Ketahanan Baterai lebih dari 200 Jam

–          IP 67 Rated : Anti air dan Anti debu (waterproof & dustproof)

Temperatur Test (Digital)

–          Daerah ukur Temperatur : -15 to 170 °C

–          Temperatur Operasional : 0 to 50° C

–          Akurasi : ± 1 °C ; Resolusi : 1 °C

–          Ketahanan Baterai lebih dari 200 Jam

–          IP 67 Rated : Anti air dan anti debu (waterproof & dustproof)

Turbidity Test

–          Portable dapat digunakan dilapangan

–          Operasi menggunakan Baterai 4 AAA

–          Daerah ukur : 0.01-1100 NTU/FNU

–          Light source : IR-LED

–          Resolusi : 0.01/0.1/1 tergantung area batas ukur

–          Akurasi : ±2% atau ±angka desimal terakhir NTU (0-500 NTU) ±3% dari batas ukur (500-1000 NTU)

–          Kalibrasi : Otomatis 1-3 point

–          Cells : 25×45 mm

–          Volume Sampe: 15 ml

–          Casing Anti Air

Negara Asal:   Jerman

Harga: NN

Cara Pembayaran:       Transfer Bank (T/T)

Kemas & Pengiriman: Unit

Korespondensi Perusahaan

Nama:Tn. Ananda T.P

E-mail: info @indotekhnoplus .com

Situs Web: http://www.indotekhnoplus.com

Nomer Telpon: +62 21 74861011

Nomer HP: +6281315378778

Nomer Faks: +62 21 74867776

Alamat: Jl. Raya Jombang no 34-35, Bintaro

Tangerang 15229, Jakarta, Indonesia


Negara Asal:   Indonesia


Kemas & Pengiriman: KIT

Keterangan:    AQuantech adalah alat yang diaplikasikan untuk

mengukur kadar kimiawi, fisik, dan bakteri pada air

minum dan air bersih. .


Lebih dari 10 parameter AQuantech merupakan aplikasi dari standarisasi peraturan pemerintah dan dunia untuk syarat air bersih dan air minum dengan metode Colorimethric, Filtration dan Digital .

Pengukuran Fisika, terdiri dari :

  • Temperature test
  • PH
  • Turbidity test
  • Salinity
  • TDS

Pengukuran Kimia, terdiri dari :

–               Amonia –               Arsen
–               Clorine (Cl) (Total + Free) –               Iron (Fe)
–               Nitrat (No3) –               Nitrit (No2)
–               Sulfur (H2S)
–               PH

Pengukuran Biologis, terdiri dari :

–               coli form –               e-coly

Korespondensi Perusahaan

Nama: Nn. INDAH
E-mail: aikatama@hotmail.com
Nomer HP: +6281218374785
Nomer Telpon: +622133579217
Alamat: VILA DAGO TOL E 2/NO 1

CIPUTAT – TANGERANG, Jakarta, Indonesia


ADVANCED Portable Water Quality Testing Laboratory

Designed for combined testing of both the micro-biological and physico-chemical parameters of drinking water.

Ideally suited for wide parameter surveillance or longer term monitoring where extreme accuracy is important, suitable for use either in the lab or the field and conforms fully with WHO guidelines on water quality monitoring.

Used extensively by UNICEF, WHO and many major NGOs the world over.

–          Digital twin incubator, featuring automatic timer and LCD display for up to 50 bacteriological tests

–          Fully portable Incubator – can be powered via External rechargeable battery, AC mains operation, DC operation via vehicle lighter socket or even solar power

–          Independent chamber temperature control, with an accuracy of ±0.1ºC, allows simultaneous incubation of both faecal & total coliforms

–          Sophisticated hand-held digital meters for pH, Conductivity/TDS & Turbidity

–          Digital Photometer for testing up to 40 different chemical parameters

–          Includes the Arsenator digital arsenic testing device, the worlds first low-cost field instrument capable of measuring arsenic down to ppb levels

–          Reduces the reliance upon costly lab-based analyses for advanced levels of monitoring

–          Uses, long-life, low-cost reagents and consumables available locally through Wagtech in-country representatives

–          Supplied with reagents & consumables to carry out 200 micro-biological tests and 200 tests each of Ammonia, Arsenic, Chlorine (DPD1 & 3), Fluoride, Nitrites and Nitrates

–          Comprehensive but simple to use operation manuals for all instruments

–          All components housed in a single, lockable, water-proof aluminium carry case

For Microbiological, physico-chemical testing in the lab or field.

Wide range of physico-chemical parameters can be measured using highly accurate digital instruments.

More cost effective than central laboratory testing.

Simple technique – Dual incubator

allows analysis of both faecal & total coliforms simultaneously.

Results incubated in just 14 hours.

Completely portable – even runs off solar power.

Uses low cost, long-life consumables, and equipment is easily sterilised in the field.

Supplied with reagents for Ammonia, Arsenic, Chlorine, Fluorides, Nitrites and Nitrates as standard. Other parameters available on request.

Conforms to WHO Guidelin

PotHalab 1 is a portable microbiological and physico-chemical testing laboratory designed to assess the suitability of drinking water on-site. It provides bacteriological testing using the accepted method of membrane filtration and incubation of faecal and total coliforms as an indicator of the presence of other harmful bacteria and viruses. The physico-chemical instruments are used in combination to quickly examine a supply to determine if a more detailed microbiological examination is required. All equipment is easily packed within the aluminium case for complete portability.

Pothalab 2 provides the same equipment and facilities as Potalab 1, but without the physico-chemical instrumentation. The purpose of this unit is for microbiological testing only,

Negara Asal:   British Indian Ocean Territory

Cara Pembayaran:      Tunai

Kemas & Pengiriman: 1 UNIT

Korespondensi Perusahaan

Nama: Ibu Tuti Pangestuti [Penjualan]
E-mail: samanthakasali@yahoo.com
Nomer HP: 081318011065
Nomer Telpon: 62 21 85902391
Nomer Faks: 62 21 85918178
Alamat: Jl. Matraman Raya No. 148 Blok B-12

Jakarta 13150, Jakarta, Indonesia

Water Quality – Potable Water Testing

Surface and underground waters are often used as a source for drinking water. In many areas sophisticated physical and chemical processes are used to ensure water quality. In areas which lack such systems it is often difficult to assess water quality without laboratory testing and back up.

Kittiwake supply a range of fully portable test equipment, that can easily be used in the field. Tests are contained in a robust, aluminium case that is readily transported to where you need to test on-site. Get accurate results quickly and convieniently, with tests for a wide range of parameters and equipment to suit every budget.

Standard Test Kits for Potable Water

FG-K29500-KW ECON Potable Water Test Kit

The Potable Water Test Kit is a simple field test kit that provides a means of evaluating basic water quality. Testing for key indicators of agricultural chemical contamination, dissolved solids and bacteria, this kit will enable quick assessment prior to routine sterilisation. An ECON Comparator is provided in the kit, along with comparator tests for Ammonia, Nitrite and Chlorine LR . Tests are also included for Total Hardness along with test strips for Nitrite and both an ECON pH test meter and an ECON Conductivity/TDS/Temperature/Salinity meter .

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