THFE Intro to ME 2016

Take Home Final Examination (THFE)

International Program FTUI – Subject: Introduction to Mechanical Engineering

Please write your: NAME, Student’s number, Group, Email and Cell-phone,

Conditions: This THFE must be done individually. Open book, open note, open internet, it is forbidden to copy-paste from friend. Issued Date 05/12/2016 Monday 08.00. Should be submitted from member of the class direct to the coordinator (Finsya) Thursday 08/12/16 at 16:00. Working with MSWord 12 points typeface Times N Roman, 1.5 spaces. Introduction to Mechanical Engineering Final Examination is destinated only for Int-class Monday morning session. No need to re-write the THFE’s text.

Problem 1 (20%)

Large supermarket refrigeration system (ice cream, frozen food, soft drinks and vegetable), is very different with the cooling system in the classrooms. A) Describe with figures and/or schemes, cooling systems mention above. B)Try to mention three differences items with the cooling system for the classrooms. C) Target temperature in a Cold-Storage for storing foodstuffs is minus 20 DgC, depict a schematic flow of the working fluid through 4 major components include the layout of CS and describe the material forming the walls of the CS – heat insulated (describing cross-section wall, named the material) and why the selected material have been choosen.

Problem 2 (30%)

Make a) a description b) mentioned four main content items with explanation c) give an example of a real application, of some of the courses (or subject) below:

  • 1) Thermodynamics 2) Fluid Mechanics 3) Mechatronics.

Problem 3 (30%)

a) Two plates S (teel) and C (opper) the same size, thickness 5 mm length-wide = 50cmx50cm. Both of these plates will be jointed. In what ways and how we can connect these two plates. Explain if necessary with figures, description and reasons for the selection.

b) Explain the diagram Stress-Strain (stress and strain) by first defining Stress and Strain. Included in your diagram: Hook’s Law, Yield point, ultimate stress, Breaking-point, Young’s modulus.

Problem 4 (20%)

Indonesia (as well as Iran) need more Teknopreneur, you as surely ENGINEER responsible for the future strategy of the country, then also the good quality of the local-products. Imagine your next 15 years in the future, together with some colleagues, you have an intention to build a small factory of PQR. As an SME (Small Medium Entreprise) you start the bussiness with venture capital and loans. Make a plan for your start-up project briefly with various explanations (1-2 page(s) only). See PQR project below:

Group 1: Factory of children’s bicycles.

Group 2: Factory of helmet for motorcyclist.

Group 3: Factory of home-rooftop made of Zinc-alu.