Video Incubator GRASHOF

The only one in the world, an infant-incubator using natural circulation and natural convection system. Profitting the Buoyanci force due to the difference of temperature between upper-side and lower-side, hot-air flow to the cabin where the baby’s sleeping, It flows by itself without any force neither a fan or blower. Smallest power of 20-40 Watt will be sufficient to make a convenient limited environment for the newborn baby. And due to the small energy supply, the incubator doesn’t need to be equiped by the electronic control system. In dry season of Indonesian climate, less power of 20 W can be used. But in the middle of rainy season due to lower average ambient temperature, the power of bulb heater should be increased to 40 Watts.

A team from university of Indonesia develop such system and produce the the best quality product of infant-incubator which conformed to the local standard of SNI (Standard Nasional Indonesia) and in the same time this incubator is claimed as the most cheapest in the world ever.
Under the supervision and coordination of a senior lecturer Raldi A. Koestoer, the team serve people to use the incubator freely (without payment) for premature newbaby born. This will help a poor people, under the community services program of the University.
Comparing to the previous commercial model, this one is more lighter in weight, more simple manufacturing, more easier to transport, low-cost maintenance, saving energy and also highly local-content. We can even handle in transporting this medical equipment with a motorbike.
Member of the team: Kristof, Dimas, Renard, emir, Radit, Fandi, they are all student of mechanical engineering, in the near future the student of the nursing faculty will join to work together in developing the device and helping more premature babies.

See also 3D drafting of the incubator.

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