THE 2014

Take Home Examination

Subject: Excellent Ethics (class of 2014_v2). – Raldi Artono Koestoer.-

This examination must be typed in MSWord 2007, 2010 or 2013. Issued 29 Nov 2014, Date of Submission Thursday 04 Dec 2014 at 14.00, (from coord to teacher). Everyone sent the file directly to coord. Then Coord (Darien) make it to one folder and transfer to teacher in zip format.

The file name is your nickname .

Write on the first page the following items,

1 . full name 2. Student’s number 3. Your email ,

4 . Cell-Phone ( this is necessary if there were corrupted files )  5. Group’s number.

Forbidden to do a copy / paste of your friend’s paper or from other docs,  so everything has to be fresh new from your  thoughts.   In case of Copas Both jockey and horse will have severe penalties . This test is an individual test, must be done by yourself.

Develop all your brilliant ideas, there is no minimum and a maximum pages for this Take Home Exams . Write down consecutively from the first number to the end, in English (Indonesian can be used to help you in special case only).

  1. Project of Excellent Ethics (PET).

1) Write the title of the Project.

2) Write down the names of your group members ( include your own , mark the chairman ) .

3 ) According to you, who is the most active , and most spirit,  so that your group success  in completing the project . And explain why.

4 ) Tell me about all the effort and the task of your group’s project with your own words at least one page , include your role and your participation in the group .

5) What Lesson-learned do you obtain ? Does it mean something for you ? Elaborate and explain more longer.

  1. The new government and problem of corruption in Indonesia.-

1) What is your opinion and expectation with Indonesian new government under Jokowi-JK.

2) Develop proposals and ideas to solve the problem of corruption in Indonesia for the present and the future, taking into account that you’ll  become one of the leaders who take an active role in the society.

Ethics and your future .

  1. Write your free opinion on Excellent Ethics lecture  that you experienced  from the beginning, after the mid-term, up to this time when this lecture was finished . Give opinion also if there was fruitful suggestion for the next-year class.
  2. What would you do in the future  either individually or by group with friend, to be able to help the marginal people ( the poor, retarded, handicapped , orphans , less educated ) with your skills and knowledge.



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