Nov 27, 2008.

Submit your full individual paper by monday Dec 1, at noon, chairman of the group will be responsible of the file transfer. No more than 8 pages incl all.

Submit your group’s full paper by tuesday Dec 2 at 16.00. No more than 8 pages.

If u have a product as your creation and innovation, and if it is small enough, bring and show me at lobby Pasca building on Dec 10 wednesday from 9 to 12.

There will be no class wednesday Dec 3 but as a replacement u have 2 week to make or to realise something as product innovation, which is more valuable than just a paper.

I open the discussion via comments in the blog ( Goodluck.


Nov 22, 2008.-

Headache with english, let’s continue with Bahasa gado2.-

Bila anda ganti topik, tulis lagi background n objective and go further with Data and data processing. Coba lah bila mungkin melanjutkan penelitian individual  anda. Bila anda tidak ganti topik… gak ada problem dong menyelesaikan seluruhnya.

Next meeting will be continued with individual topic discussion. The groups discuss group’s paper out of the class. Don’t send anything to my email, just print yours for your own purpose.

C U .-


Nov 12, 2008.-

Assignmnet no 9.

It concern now your individual paper. Do exactly the same thing as assign no 8, but apply now to your individual topic. If You judge your topic is no use (no importance, no use for the society) you should change the topic and of course you must provide me the bgound as well as specific objective. Privide then the data and data processing. Send to me next monday 16.00.-


First Assignment

Provide complet CV. 2-3 pages. Education, Working experience, research. Others.

Second Assignment

Write one page of PROBLEM, please focus on real probem. Explore the problem approach as well as peoblem definition. Submit next monday 15Sept08.-

Continous assignment, listening and reading of ‘the secret audio’ everyday atleast one hour. Remember three times listening once repeating. this will help in improving your english.


Don’t ever miss anyone !

Raldi 100908.-

19 Sept 2008

Third Assignment

Choose your individual topic and define the title, as you submit when writing a Problem, Problem approch and Problem definition.  If you decide to change the topic, do it now. From now on please keep remain your selected topic.

Please make a paper one page containing the background (3/4) and the objective (1/4 page, specific one).

Submit by email monday 22 before 14 hours via Doddy’s transfer file. Practice then to present (speak-up) the content of your paper with your own word in front of the class next wed. Everyone will have an occasion to speak 3 minutes. Do it better then before coz this time will be scored. Be prepare…

Raldi A. Koestoer 14.36.-


4th Assignment (submit after lebaran); 26 Sept 2008.-

One page of Methodology (the better is two pages). The items include Survey, literature study, data colleting, Experiment, data processing, Result, analyzing. You can add more than above items.

The title of your group work should be sent friday 26 Sept 08.

And the paper of methodology should be submitted 6 Oct 2008 at noon.-


07 Okt 08

Damora, Sena, Yuyu, Budi. They should have to present orally the methodology 3 minutes. Optionally Romi, Bayu, Doddy.-


08 Oct 2008.-

Budi next week present paper of methodology 3 minutes.

(Masa’ mau jadi Master dari UI kerjanya cuma cengengesan aja di depan kelas. Malu dong ah…)

5th assignment

Revised individual paper of methodology with your new understanding. Submit monday the 13th at noon by email. And this time your paper will be graded.

For group: title (or topic), problem definition, background and methodology. atleast  2 pages.

Chairman of the group will be responsible of the file transfer to my email.-

(sekali2 pakai bahasa Indonesia ya…)
Untuk Group, tugas baca 2 artikel jurnal ilmiah. satu dari jurnal nasional, satu lagi internasional (regional juga boleh). Dua artikel itu diringkas jadi satu halaman (must be in english). Satu orang speaker (jangan ketuanya) present nextweek in the class, talk 3 minutes paperless (udah dikepala dengan sistem mind-mapping asosiatif).
Untuk individu. baca satu artikel makalah ilmiah yg berhubungan dengan topik anda, boleh nasional boleh internasional. Ringkas menjadi satu hal (english) and ready to talk paperless one minute only.
Semua kumpul senin jam 12.00 via email.-



23 Oct 2008.-

Midtest Evaluation

Nextweek wednesday 29. Be ready at 9 o’clock, start on time.

First hour: writing, second hour: Speaking. Include all the material since our firstday meeting, individual work as well as group’s work. Provide blank paper of A4, 4 pages should be enough.



Assignment no 7.-

As I mention, just after midtest,  every group should have to rewrite the midtest, as best as they can in english. Submit the paper next monday at noon by email. One group one email with attachment. preferable in doc word. Your group’s paper will be published in Research Design page column on this blog. Surely we’ll invite people to send comments.-

For individual, try to obtain data (don’t ask me how…?) for your individual assignment. And show me in the next meeting, on friday 09.30. Coz wednesday (Nov 5) I’ll be going to Bandung for a nuclear seminar.-

C U next friday.-


No 8.-

This is the assignment that u’re waiting for…

Think about now the data. How could u get the data ? How u collect and how u gather the data. What kind of data u need ? You know already all the parameter who plays an important role on your research ?

Select your data, depend on your research objective. This will be a real  group implementation of research. Expain everything about data and data processing in one full page english.

For the group who should change the topic, please resubmit the background as well as the objective together with your data explaination.

Due date Monday Nov 10 at 16.00.-

There is no individual assignment.

BTW our friends Sutiono and Budi ‘bolos lagi ya’, Gimana kalo kita pindahkan mereka ke Universitas Ruko saja.


8 responses

  1. sir, we forgot to send the paper…
    but don’t worry sir, we send it to your email, paperless…

    and bdw, thanks a lot you push us near to our limits, that make us found our new limit, higher level off course…

    and thanks for the English strict session, it is really help us much. two thumbs up (dua jempol buat bapak..)

  2. Sir, we change our groups topic, and we will send you recently progress due to our achievement to create the product, about chopping drum.
    sorry for late post sir, my provider network have some problem, and it make our references searching difficult.

  3. Sir, we have a little problem for our research (group’s) about biogas of human dung.
    Because if the banker/tanker of human dung is fixed (impossible as portable tank) and too bad smell, may we change with the cow dung as material of prototype for shown in the class (lobby) later?

    Yuyu n others..

    U can always change or modify the topic, depend on the practical or field


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