Wonderful Beijing Guangzhou

Arriving Beijing morning at 07.40 start visit summer palace, silk factory and direct to Madian mosque. Watching acrobat show at night. Beijing Warwick International Appartment one room should be for 4 persons with two big twin bed, complet with sofa. We’re 4 they give us 2 rooms w/ connecting door… very nice.

After breafast in the hotel to Jade store (batu giok), morning tour to Great Wall, walking to the top of the Great Wall very interesting. Zohor Ashar prayer Changping mosque. Baoshutang scald ointment factory continu with Yuexiu Market shoping. Enjoy chinese Xinjiang Resto dancing music show whilst dinner time.

After bfast tour to Tian’an  Men Square, one direction to Forbidden City huge area and  longwalk beautiful palace. Zohor prayer Niujie mosque. Tongrentang Chinese Medicine Center. Wangfujing street of pedestrian, dinner with famous Beijing roast duck.

After breakfast in hotel transfer to Guangzhou by air 3 hours 0915-1220 tour Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall, visit Imam Tomb. Promenade in pedestrian Beijing Lu (road), pray in masjid Tower. Checkin hotel and Evening walk river of Mutiara until 10 PM.

Beakfast hotel Landmark Canton floor 39 river view, free morning until checkout 11.30 transfer to airport for departure with GA 899 takeoff 1540, finish tour.-


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