Ini model terakhir inkubator kami namanya


The newest design, the most natural, the most silent, the most cheapest, the most portable, the most saving-energy,

the most simple to manufacture, the easiest transportable, the most suitable for Indonesian baby and tropical weather,


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The most natural infant-incubator, with natural convection and natural circulation system.-

Other product, combining Grashof incubator with Phototherapy unit (new design, as well).-…Klik untuk memperbesar.-

Grashof Incubator definition and specifications

This simple incubator is addressed to help a marginal people who has limited acces to the hospital due to their incapability to pay hospital admission fee and others. So it should be suitable for home incubator without any air-conditioning system.

Using the principle of radiation, natural convection and natural circulation, the heat transfer from the bulb lamp of 40-60 Watts,  can circulate naturally the airflow from the bottom fresh-air through the holes traversing the heating chamber upward to the baby’s cabin. After containing the cabin with the warm air, the air continue flowing to the outlet in the upper-side of cabin. With constant circulation of air, the temperature remain slightly inferior of  the human body temperature. Uniform laminair flow occurs due to the plate with many hole allowing hot air circulate naturally.

Upper part of the incubator made by acrylic with the thickness of 5 mm. Accesed to the cabin to place the baby, is located  in the opposite part of heating circulation. Bottom part of the incubator made of wood as a preference material. But other with lower thermal conductivity could also be used.

The lightweight of the incubator around 15 kg in total become the most easiest portable and transportable equipment. The energy supplied has already been tested for Indonesian tropical weather. In certain  location in the mountain region, it shoud be better with 60 Watt bulb, that could be found anywhere in the elecrical shop.

Volumetric overall dimension should not exceed 50x50x60 cm3. A device of cut-off thermostat installed to keep the incubator in safety condition anytime anyplace.

Unpatented Grashof-incubator allow other Indonesian people can make it for an objective to assist marginal or poor community especially in the region far from the big cities or remote island. Utilisation outside Indonesia can be afforded only after discussion and consultation with the thermal group of University of Indonesia.


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