Educational Privileges

By Fachrina Puspitasari (1006659855)
Scholars, is a person who gained education and have more knowledge than other people do. The
process they are going trough is called learning. They attain knowledge from any educational
institute, either formal or informal. The goal of the education itself is to prepare human to become
more aware of their own environmental condition through the knowledge they gain in learning
process as an approach. However, education has 3 main privileges; intellectual, emotional, and
The intellectual privilege has 3 main elements; integrity, believing in reason, and freedom.
Integrity is the ability to act consistently based on the right value at all costs. Educated person must
have the integrity in himself so that they can be a qualified person. With the integrity, people are
able to provide any satisfactorily services to the society as they won’t be easily turned down by a
merely uneasy situation. Educated person also has to hold the rational reason for every statement he
makes. They are supposed to be able to provide the proved of their opinion, even the opinion itself
comes from their own thought, so that their opinion will have the ability to gain another person’s
trust. Education is free and providing freedom for any people who cope with them. It means that
people are free to choose their own opinion based on a given problem because there is no exact
wrong or exact right in learning process. Every person is free to broaden their mind to find any
nearest possibility of problem solving matter.
The emotional privilege 2 has main elements; courage and the ability to withstand any
downtimes in life. Educated person has to have courage in himself, because courage gives lots of
advantages, such as able to speak up his mind, able to persuade another person to follow the right
way, able to critic the wrong idea, able to provide any rational proves, etc. Courage gives the
biggest strength for a person to do any activities in his life. The second on is the ability to withstand
any downtimes in life, which means that educated person is not suppose to give up in any sooner.
He has to be able to cope with any situation, even in the worst one, to keep moving with his own
The last one is spiritual privilege. This privilege concerns more about how education could
interact with another element in the society. Spiritual privilege has 3 main elements; empathy,
justice, and humbleness. Educated person who has an empathy towards his environment will have a
healthy mind and will try to emphasize his knowledge in order to make any positive changes, for
example they are compassionate about how people live in poverty, how to protect the environment,
how to help poor people to have a better health service, etc. They tend to dedicate their knowledge
to the other elements in the society which don’t get any education as lucky as them. They also tend
to embed justice to their mind, so that all people will get the same service. And they are exactly
humble, so that they won’t be a spiteful person.
From the eight elements of educational privilege, the most fundamental elements are
courage and the ability to withstand the downtime. Few people, especially educated people, hold
these two things, because both of them are ‘risky’ enough to be taken, and give the most influence
advantages as well. Let’s say people who have courage in themselves tend to be vocal in the
society. They are willing to learn something new, in order to seek knowledge and experience
themselves. They won’t have fear to hold back once they have taken a step forward, so that they
will be able to keep moving forward and not looking back. In the same case, people who have the
ability to withstand the downtime in their life will be strong enough to achieve their goal, either
long-term goal or short-term goal. This ability is also supported by the courage they have. They
tend to keep on standing once they have fallen, and they will always stand again every time they
fall. They will learn from their mistakes in the past and try as hard as they can not to make the same
mistake. Such privileges will indirectly teach them not to be an arrogant person. They will be
humble and down to earth. They believe that they serve the society, so no matter what they may not
arrogantly turn their back from them and only care for their own business and prestige.
When combined, all the six privileges will give birth to the new era of teaching. Teaching
nowadays is no more a teacher centered system, but has changed to pupil centered. The system now
is supporting pupils to seek knowledge themselves. In this era, exam is not about questions, case
study instead. Pupils will be given freedom to express their own opinion over particular cases,
therefore one problem can lead to more than one solution. With this system, they are taught to think
creatively, innovatively, and broaden their imagination.
In my opinion, as an engineer, we should serve the nation. We should help the helpless
people. We should not think about the rich people business, we have to think about the poor instead.
I think who else will help the poor if not us an empathic engineer, as no other people have any
concerns about the poor? They don’t have enough ability to approach a better public service such as
health, education, technology, electricity, as rich people do. So that we ourselves who must provide
them the services. We help them with our knowledge which we attained in the school. We have to
help their life, because they help us to gain education by providing tax money. So that we must,
must pay them back by helping them to make their life easier by using the 8 privileges as the tools
to dig our knowledge and make it into a good realization.

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