Kuliah 2012 V1

Kuliah mulai Feb  s/d Juni 2012.-

From the desk of Raldi A. Koestoer

22 Feb 2012

  1. Collect all the assignment with softcopy in the format of MSWord 2007, no pdf, no others.
  2. From the member of the group softcopy transferred to chairman of the group than to chairman of the class or assistance.
  3. Put your nickname as name of the file then chairman will put in one folder in the name of the group. Example : CVGroup-1 or T3-group7 (Tugas ke 3 dari group 7).-
  4. Chairman must be active.  In the absence of the chair, another member should replace ‘ketua memble’ and acting as a vice chairman.
  5. No absent more than two times or your midtest and last examination will be considered null.
  6. All the information about the course will be posted at:


or contact : Koestoer@eng.ui.ac.id

or sms : +62816-1992186

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