English: Big-ben

Big-ben of Mecca

Big Ben of Mecca can be seen from a far distance. Abraj al-bait so its name and in the beginning of Ramadan this year  this clock is already functioning although still some adjustment frequently appointed. The shadow of this big clock fell in the Great Mosque of Mecca (Masjid al Haram) from the Tower Abraj Al-Bait – which is expected to become the second-tallest building in the world. This clock has four sides are made of high-tech composite tile with a total area of 46 meters. Some parts coated with gold, with a position around 400 meters from Masjid al Haram area.

Umra at the first night, seemed somewhat tight at tawaf time, Tawaf and Sa’i proceed smoothly without any difficulties. The four of us left the group DF Duta Faras headed to  Aljumaizah the house of Alwi BinSmith, a friend of Mamak Alhamid, is where we live for a couples of day. Then from this site, walk to Haram is about only ½ hour, when at the evening it should be …a nice walking-way, but at noon it will be very hot so we better take taxi for 5 Riyal.

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