Ethics 2014 V2


20 Oct 2014

Take Home Mid Test of Excellent Ethics 2014_v2


Issued  20 Oct 2014, Lecturer Raldi A. Koestoer.

Write down your fullname, Student No, Email and your cell-phone no.-

Submit your papers  on Thursday 23 Oct 2014 at 12.00 (from coordinator to teacher). No limit of pages.  Member to the chairman of the group and then chairman to coordinator.  Name of file is your nickname. MS Word 2010 will be preferable format with 12 points.-

It is prohibited to copy / paste from a friend. Both jockey and horse will obtain zero. This is an individual test, and must be done by yourself. Develop all your genius idea, there is no minimum and maximum number of pages   You should do it sequential from the beginning to the last number.

Conserve your time to finish your midtest ON TIME.-

  1. Describe your visit and interview’s assignment, include the location and objects (5W 1H). Summarize the results of your interview with the marginal people.
  2. What lesson do you learned from your visit and interview. What does it means for you.
  3. Compare their lives with your personal life.
  4. What would you do to be able to help or resolve their problems. As we agree in the class that students should have  to help the poor people (coz after graduation you’ll be busy with your profesional  job with sufficient salary then you’ll forget them all).
  5. A real action (satu tindakan nyata)  is more meaningfull compare to a thousand hours of discussion and talking. Explore this kind of statement, please compare with the real life situation nowadays.
  6. What are  the most  important  for the future leadership of your era  in the next decade coming years. Elaborate your opinion.
  7. What is the relation between your visit and interview assignment with the ethical subject that we discuss week by week in the class meeting.
  1. Write down your opinion on our Exellent-Ethics lecture that  you experienced until  this midsemester. Half page minimum.
  2. BTW, if you have any opinion on our new president of the republic (remind you that today is a presidential inauguration), please let me know.


GOODLUCK  and have a nice writing …



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