Take Home Ex Final 111217 Intro ME

Final Examination Raldi

Take Home Examination
Introduction to Mechanical Engineering

Facilitator : Raldi A. Koestoer

Write in the first case above, Your Name, NPM, Email, Mobile Phone No., Group No.

Conditions: This take home examination must be done individually. Open book, open note, open internet, it is forbidden to copy-paste.

Date issued Sunday 10 December 2017. Should be collected from the classroom (every student) direct to the  coordinator and then coordinator to teacher Wednesday 13 Dec 2017 at 16.00. Working with 12 points MSWord Times N Roman typeface.

Problem 1 (10%)
Explain briefly (0,5-1 page), after completing the course, what is your opinion about this subject Introduction to Mechanical Engineering,

Problem 2 (45-50%)
You’ve been studied the cooling system of mechanical refrigeration for the small system. For the big or central system, the method is slightly different than that of the small one. For having an efficient system we use a big cooling machine called CHILLER. Its function is to produce a cooling (or chilled) water until its temperature achieved 3-5 dgC.

(A) Explain with figure as we discussed in the class, the working principle of this CHILLER cooling machine, with four main components of mechanical ref system.

(B) Explain in detail with your own words, complete with figures or schematics illustration,the  functions and the working principles of  the following  components. See first, the last digit of your NPM (Student’s number). If your last digit include or in between of: 0-3: please choose [cooling system for a tenth storeys building], 4-6  COLD-STORAGE System, 7-9 Cooling system for a hypermarket.

(C) Your CHILLER sometimes need a COOLING TOWER, please explain with figure the working principle of a cooling-tower.

Problem 3 (30-35%)
Explain with figure (a 2/3 and b 1/3)

  • Figure out and explore a Stress and Strain diagram of a metal material, include several points important which shows the strength of material due to tensile and/or shear stress. Notes: remind Stress, Strain, Points P-E-Y-U-B, Ductile and Brittle, Young Modulus.
  • People ask you to make a realization of a fix joint of two steel plates similar sizing of 50 cm x 50 cm, so please explain what should be done and depict the best solution.

Problem 3 (10%).

Now use your logical thingking to answer this question, why Indonesia do not have an automobile or automotive industry eventhough this country since longtime need a lot of car and/or motorcycle. So far this country stay and always become a consumer, never be a producer. 0,5 – 1 page.


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