Inkubator Gratis to India

Quoting Mahesh Prasad M <>:


Good Day!

Firstly I introduce myself as a Entrepreneur providing Event and Branding Solutions in Bangalore India.
Glad to inform that I came across Inkubator Gratis in a program on TV channel NHK Japan.
Currently India stands at No 1 position for Premature Deaths in the world and I believe that Inkubator Gratis being available free to the poor
is a boon to Indian newborns.
I am very inspired by the work and values of Dr Raldi Koerster.I wish to have a  Foundation established providing Free Incubator Rental  Facility
established in India.
 Hence please provide the details of the person whom I can Interact with further in regard to manufacture, Service and maintenance of Incubators.
Thanking You,
Best Regards

Mahesh Prasad.M

Entrepreneur/ Consultant
No 1x/yy, Udani Layout, Cambridge Road,
Bangalore, India
Dear Mr. Mahesh Prasad,
We are pleased to receive the acknowledgment for our activity initiated by Prof. Raldi Artono Koestoer from all the countries over the planet-earth, especially India, which has the highest rate of premature babies.
As what we have been dreaming of, after reaching 300-400 cities in Indonesia entirely, we are willing to spread it over the Equatorial Belt due to the identical climate with Indonesia, mainly in the developed and poor countries.
No commercialization in our activity. In other words, the product is not to be turned into earnings, but to offer an opportunity to all premature and yellow babies to survive. We are settling with SMEs (small-medium enterprises) during the manufacture.
Can we help anything in order to fulfill your aim to establish a foundation for lending the incubator freely? For further necessary lead, you can have a contact with Ibnu Roihan (called as Rehan), the one in charge for production and technical thing, also maintenance of Grashof Incubator (in which we named it), through e-mail (
Warm Regards,
Raldi artono Koestoer
Yayasan Bayi Prematur Indonesia
Tim Inkubator UI

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