Time To Be Meaningful

Time To Be Meaningful
(Introduction to Free Incubator for Nusantara)
This writing was made before our invitation for inspiring talk in Kalimantan.
Apparently in Balikpapan. We are accustomed to witnessing the rising public’s
enthusiasm for what we have been doing. But it is far more important about the way
to convert the positive energy into real WORK, real ACTION. Affection would never
happen, had we done nothing. There, the spirit is simply fading, as we are being
confused on uncertainty in which we create it over. Our daily disorder.
Alright. There is no use of wasting energy for the sake of such resistance. So we
decided to make a commitment. We want to prove that a prospering work exists not to
impress others. It is all the excellence from the long story that ensures the quality, and
there gains reputation and trust as well. We have already undergone it for these 5 years
(more). Also, we have done varied ways to fulfill those all. The unit is not to be intended
for any commercial; must be lent continually as it has already been in many provinces
and their rurals.
More, we strictly give the borders to any institution or company; notably not to
oppose against our goal: serving the marginal community. Why? We might think that
excellence does come only from “smart work” (i.e. cooperating with stabilized
company). But the answer is NO! We already have an understanding for babies’
nutrition. It will actually lead the mothers’ way of thinking to give formula instead of
breast milk (ASI). But the right one is doing the contrary. We are just letting the wrong
be right. That way is going to be a tough one, isn’t it?
Besides, innovation would only occur if (and if only) we had been through
challenge and overcome it in cheerfulness. Finding way with all the might we have.
The aim is to arouse the entrepreneurship’s spirit. Therefore, we invited all the SMEs
having any interest for our program to collaborate together. Also, we are often asking
the volunteers to actively seek for the preemie and yellow Nusantara babies as well in
need of help. Entrepreneurship is gained through our local wisdom, gotong royong
along with any upcoming innovation.
Independent Community
It is obvious that collective awareness is the thing that drives our nation, our
country into the elegant one. Our volunteers in Jonggol are keen to make charitable
deeds in their region; including the free wheel-chair. Donation keeps coming for them.
Then, other role models are Zona Bombong Purwokerto and Blood For Life
Foundation (BFLF) with free ambulance program. Recently, BFLF has just made
application for blood donation, Go-Blood. Not to mention superfine service from a
volunteer and his family in Surabaya (also once they accompanied our unit to
Madura), Friday free-porridge in Yogyakarta inspired by the vision of our activity. A
massive impact. Yes. Because we are proactively filling and supporting for one another.
We utilize our network to sustain the empowerment’s practice. For eligibility,
strategical approach to both medical and non-medical people, and the foremost one is
to arouse those that have been living very poorly. We want to raise, encourage them
that they have the right to get the equality for health service. Still, we often urge them
to spread the spirit of sharing and living for one another; not to be the close-minded
ones. This is the unity that depicts Indonesia.
Sustained welfare is being pondered by us too. Now, we are developing the
incubator for the twin. We have already lent the incubator over for twins and triplets
too; but it is the modification from the single-large scale one for hospital. Another one
is the mini generator for the regions with bad supply of electricity from State Electric
Company (PLN). It came into our mind after witnessing the hardship of our people
living in uneven area and its rural to be reached by PLN. They have to be through
approximately six hours without power. We found it out in Rancabungur a fortnight
(two weeks) ago. The mother told us that there would be a 8 – 10 hours period without
power in her place. And it was still in Jabodetabek miserably. Then how in everywhere
else? We have probably never wondered it before.
It is the reason that we want that our incubator can be used without depending
on the State Electric Company (PLN) in future one day. At least there will be power
while being cut off. We are working so very hard to fully perform it immediately. The
main and simulation are already complete. What is left is to do the real experiment
before entering the real step. A truly wonderful thing… From misery, we do actually
change it to ease, availability, productivity, happiness, and so the good on. That is the
way to carry out our role towards independent community.
Devotion by working. Thus has become our motto for long ago. And devotion is
the prime objective on our activity. Man has to live, grow in the society, and work for
it. The young is literally the leading player. And we are to orient to the WORK -the true
one- along with our action. True dedication does only come from the ones that needn’t
look for self-explication (position, existence, occupation, and so forth) and have very
brave, thoughtful, yet keen heart. The risk is apparent: being against unpleasant truth.
But alas, some of us choose to follow this saying: “Evil-minded people dare do
the evil. Good people daren’t do the good.” Obviously, we don’t even have the courage
to be through uncertainty in this world. Many say it as a consequence, but the thing is
that we are not prepared yet. COME ON! Even though the first sentence of the saying
cannot be changed, otherwise we can for the second one. DARE TO DO THE GOOD.
We are what we do, not what we say we will do. There will be more brilliance to
entirely solve nowadays problems in our beloved country. But it is acquired in sacrifice,
hardwork, then COURAGE to FIGHT FOR IT. Better than ZERO action. The same goes
on our activity. And this is the ongoing test for us. Work (creation) is to be obtained,
not to be opposed against no action. Not on our watch. Let’s sharpen and better our
compassion. Time to be meaningful!
Juan Karnadi
Digital and Publication
Yayasan Bayi Prematur Indonesia

From Raldi A. Koestoer: Juan Karnadi join the club on April 2016, he looked-like an autist student, but infact he has a lot of excellence. Among others in IT (please click http://www.inkubator-gratis.org), Arduino sketch-coding, and in writing an article in bahasa as-well-as in english. The above pages is one of his creation. As a 7th semester student in Teknik Komputer, he’s done a lot of things which makes progress for the incubator’s team.

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