Berita inkubator gratis sampai di negeri Cina

Indonesian professor of this invention, save thousands of newborns … …
2017-05-16 to see Indonesia

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Since the home incubator, Hela Marti in the care of less than the daughter of Mary Maria when the peace of mind more. (Agence France-Presse)

As of last year, as many as 670,000 preterm infants in Indonesia need help with an incubator, but the cost is affordable for most poor families. A professor of engineering in Indonesia, so self-made incubator for low-income families free to borrow, so far saved thousands of newborn life.

62-year-old professor of the University of Indonesia, Radi use their own expertise to design and manufacture a lightweight, easy to carry the premature child incubator, and in 2012 to start his incubator lending plan. Each incubator production fee of 3.5 million rupiah (about 1775 yuan), Lardy raised funds through fundraising, access to the middle class, including many health care workers generous.

Has made 180 incubators

The program was originally implemented in Jakarta and has now been extended to another 48 cities covering the western Sumatra Island to the easternmost Papua area.

Raldi hoped that the plan could be further extended to 300 cities. He said he has made 180 incubators so far, helping about 1,500 newborns, including twins and triplets. He said: “Our success rate is one hundred percent .1500 baby all healthy and well.”

In February this year, the birth of Mary Mary is one of the beneficiaries, the premature birth was only 1.2 kg, the weight is less than half of the general newborns. Under the government insurance plan, Maria May to stay in the hospital incubator for seven weeks. Her situation is stable, the hospital will she was discharged, but when she was only 1.5 kg, still need to incubator, but after the discharge of the incubator is no longer insured

Mary Marie’s father asked for help from friends, where the incubator plan. He said: “I made a cell phone text message, the other soon responded. Not a few minutes, an operator contacted me, said the baby can be home to receive an incubator.

Mari Mayma currently weighs 2.4 kilograms, although most of the time she has to stay in the incubator, but her parents are now finally put down the heart of stone, and occasionally hug her daughter.
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