Intro to Mech Eng Midtest

Take Home Midtest
Introduction to Mechanical Engineering

Facilitator : Raldi A. Koestoer

Write in the first case above, Your Name, NPM, Email, Mobile Phone No., Group No.

Conditions: This take home midtest must be done individually. Open book, open note, open internet, it is forbidden to copy-paste. Date issued Friday 14/10/16 at 19.00. Should be collected from the classroom (every student) direct to the  coordinator and then coordinator to teacher Tuesday 18/10/16 at 16:00. Working with 12 points MSWord Times N Roman typeface.

Problem 1 (20%)
Explain briefly (0,5-1 page) what you want to do after completing your studies at UI in other words what profession you choose just after graduation. Furthermore, what your dreams or what would be your goal in the next 15 years (what do you want to be?).

Problem 2 (50%)
Power Plant (Steam Power Plant) is an installation for generating electrical energy then the energy will be transmitted and distributed all over the city and the countryside. Fuels used include coal, diesel (HSD) or gas. (A) Explain the working principle of this power plant, with four main components. (B) Explain with figures or schematics illustration, functions and principles of each of the four main components.
(C) See the last digit of your NPM (Student’s number). If your last digit include or in between of: 0-3: please choose Geothermal system, 4-6 Nuclear Power System, Solar Power System for 7-9. Explain with the picture of how the above system works and compare the advantages and disadvantages with the Steam Power Plant.

Problem 3 (30%)
Briefly explain (a) how a mechanical refrigeration cooling system works with four main components. The working fluid is used and why you should use such a strange working fluid on the system, why don’t use only water as the working fluid. (B) Fill in your group’s data sheet on the measurement of AC system. T means the temperature. T ambient outdoor air, T air out of condenser (outdoor unit), the average room indoor T, T air out of evaporator.
Now use your logical thingking to answer the following questions: (c) What is the inlet air temperature of Condenser? Why the temp in and out of condenser is different
And what is the evaporator inlet air temperature? Why the temp in and out of Evaporator is different. Describe all of your logic.

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