Student’s Opinion 2015

Opinion of the students.

Excellent -Ethic is a subject that must be followed by all of the students in Mechanical Engineering. Formally, in academic registration list, this subject is written as Engineering Ethics but actually in the class, the name of the subject changed slightly to Excellent Ethics. Following the name, the content and the learning method is also different than conventional method. The reason why there is a modification is due the problem of the country after the year of called ‘Reformation’ that was 1998, the political situation change drastically. Surely in the form of democracy, election system become better and better. But in the side of mentality, the problem appear significantly. A lot of people either in government or parliament, they are doing corruption. Eventhough nowadays exist a special institution named KPK who care about this matter, everywhere all over the country, person who has political power and opportunities, try to corrupt any government project.
Student principally is our future leader. They must be trained not only with science and technology but also they should have to keep with them a good attitude and integrity. It should be embedded in their daily ativities, so in the future they can lead the country in the good and positive direction.
Course in Mech Eng Dept, conducted by Prof Raldi, Year 2015
Gde Ngurah Renaldi Shantika, 1506789335,, 087886986381
From the excellent ethics project, I learned that how to give to people who need it and now I know how it feels to be the reason for other people’s smile, it is such a wonderful feeling and I am very grateful to know how it feels right now. I think that the other people should have done the same thing as our group and the other groups. It is not a waste of time, it will be very useful to ourselves and the people we help. People should always think that giving to other people is a positive act to do not a waste of money or just a waste of time and money. Once said that no one has ever gone poor by giving and the only thing a person actually feel rich is by giving to others. It is so true that it cannot be determined that a person is rich or not. A person with lots of money cannot be called rich. What if he or she is not that humble? It means that he only rich on money not rich inside, inside his or her heart. Whether we are rich or not, popular or not, we should not ever think of our position when we give as said that it is humility that makes man as angels but it was pride that changed angels into devils. We should only think that we are the givers, does not care that we are president, actor, actress, etc. It doesn’t matter how much you have in life if what you have in life takes away from you being humble. At the end of the day, even the poorest man can be the richest depending on how much love he has in his heart. It is always important to give to other people as we could also feel comfortable when see them happy. We are not alone in this world, we lived in a big world, and we should smile together, not by our own.
The Ethic class was fun so far, never make me bored. Maybe once I ever overslept, but not because the class in not boring, I just was too tired. The class was very interesting from the very start. Prof. Raldi taught us lots of things especially about morals We learned that not only intelligence that make people success. There are more aspects that is needed in order to be a successful people. As I said before, a smart person cannot be successful without having a feeling of care about his or her surroundings. On the other hand, people who care about their surrounding and want to help people in problems have more tendency to be successful. Everyone in this Earth is smart no one is stupid. It depends on how we apply our own intelligence. However, just being smart and talkative is not enough to success. We need to make our words and brilliant ideas comes true by doing a real action that will be seen by crowd of people and obviously will make them happy as our ideas are there to solve their problem. Prof. Raldi teach us how to care about the marginal people and feel sympathy about them. He told us his experience in helping people by making a free incubator which until now have saved lots of newborn babies. From his experience, we know that there are many people that need our helps and our helps are really important for them. By helping the marginal people, we just not make them happy, but we also show the world that we are one of the people who care about each other. Ethic class had made me thought this way. Besides that, I also learned that we really need to take action for everything that we planned. We should not leave them as “plans”. Moreover, we should not ever think that our action will be a failure and do not ever be scared of failing as failure is a step to become successful. It is normal if we fail for our first try. So, do not ever hesitate yourself to do something that you think it is an action that beneficial to you or your surroundings. For the future Ethic class, I suggest Prof. Raldi would do more practical works such as going to orphanage with the whole class. I thing that it would be the most effective way so the learner will immediately know what is the purpose of the Ethic class.
Firstly for the near future, as my group mates and I had said, we want to continue our contribution to the Nurul Hikmah Free School. We will donating some chairs and tables for the student to study as some of the tables and chairs in that school are already unusable. They are already broken because they are too fragile. We already asked a school that have unused chairs and tables. We just need to wait for the confirmation from the school whether they want to give us the chairs and tables or not. For the future I think I want to cooperate with the others either they are in the ethics class or not, it is a volunteer. I planned to make some program which could help the orphans. First we will search their talent, what they are good at. After that we will split them into groups according to their talent. We will include those talented kids to some events which involves their skill. This will improves their skill and their talents will not be a waste and continue to develop.

Faris Pusponegoro, 1506789322,, 087739870100, Group 4
The project is indeed have a huge meaning for me. There are some lessons to get by doing this project. First of all is that I realized that there are many person who live their life under the poverty line. Realizing that fact, I have turned out my temptation of having exclusiveness and being high profile. Then, the next thing I got is that we must do the real actions to change everything. So, if we are about to help someone, just do it. Third lesson that I got is that to be professional, we must do the step no matter how hard it is. There will be no achievement without some efforts.

From my experience, at first, I don’t know what is excellent ethics lecturer, what will be discussed, and what will I get from this lecturer. Then at the first day of lecturer, Mr. Raldi gave us the preview of what will be done in this semester. At that point, I found out that this lecturer is interesting and different with another. Doing interview and giving a marginal people something is really heart-touching. Every week of lecturer, I got a new refreshment and motivation from Mr. Raldi. There are some topics to discuss regarding the real current situation in Indonesia. Then, the Excellent Ethics Project is as exciting as I thought before. This is because we’re in group helping marginal people together with planning and real actions. So, overall the excellent ethics lecturer this semester is totally excellent.
For helping marginal people in the future, I would like to give them education and motivation for achieving a better condition for their life. Also I would like to give them the capital goods to make them easier and motivated to produce something valuable.

Hadrian Kurniadi Saputra, 1506789341,, 081287663648, Group 4

Instead of donating to help children in other country, we should first look with our own eyes that children in our country too needed those donation. Therefore if we really wanted to help the children we should start with those that actually lives closer to us first. As there are actually a lot of children that requires the donation in our country.
This project was an eye opener that the children from the less fortunate family are actually willing to work their best in order to improve their living condition. I learned of this after seeing their reaction to our motivational talk as they were paying attention and responding to our quotes and ideas.

Hashfi Abidi, 1506789354,, 081934190788, Group 4

I learned a lot of lessons during the project, and the lessons that I learned are the soft and hard skills. The examples of the hard skills that I learned are the skills required to drill a hole and hammer a nail, but the skills that I learn more are the soft skills such as decision making and leading. During the execution of the project, we encountered many problems which were expected but the magnitude and the types of the problems were not expected. Initially, the problems that we faced looked to be a problem that will consume more time than we planned, but we were able to find a solution that actually helped us to complete the project faster. Overall it was one of the hardest tasks that I have handled because I had to make decisions after decisions in which none of them were easy decisions. So, the project meant a lot to me because I have contributed to other people and also I was able to experience the real world.
In addition to that, I learned a valuable lesson in regards in helping other people. During the time of the survey, we got lots of requests and helps that the management and the teachers would like for us to help with; even though most of them are not that necessary to helped with, but it was still a hard decision to make in regards on what to help with, at least for me, because it was not a great feeling to know that there are things that they would like to be helped with, but we can only helped them some of what they wanted. It made me realise that even though we would and could help other people with anything, but there are times where it limits us to the extent that we could help with only some of them.
Excellent ethics lectures have been one of the best subjects that I have learned, and the reason is mainly because the subject focuses more on the practice than studying and understanding theories. In my opinion, the best way for humans to learn is through practice and experience, and Excellent Ethics focuses towards that. There will be arguments made on the fact that ethics is one of the easiest subjects in the world, but in my opinion it is actually the hardest because the majority of the people in the world are still not practicing ‘good’ ethics in their daily lives, even though that many people have been taught directly and indirectly by teachers, parents and/or elderlies. Also, in my opinion, ethics is one of the things that are needed to be implemented in the world to change all the problems that the world is currently facing; such as terrorist attacks, civil wars and world wars and nuclear wars. The main cause of these is the understanding of ethics because people are willing to hurt one another even though we are human beings that were by flesh and blood. Hence, I have been longing a subject and life that focuses on the practices and Excellent Ethics fulfil that desire. In conclusion, Excellent Ethics is one of the best subjects I have learned during my years in school through one of the best types of learning in which I have learned a lot.
I have always had a big vision and mission of what I would like to do in the future, which is to help other people. There are so many unfortunate people in the world, and from my observations these people are within this position because they have a weak mentality and character. This is the reason that any occupation that I will have in the future is to hopefully to ignite and make a change to the people in the world to make it a better and peaceful place to live. As in to help the marginal people with my friends or by myself in the near future, I actually intent to look for the knowledge required in sharing to the people that is needed to change the mentality and character; however, during that time, I would try to join voluntary organisations so that I would be able to contribute more to the society. Also, I would try to do it by myself or with my friends, but it is better if it is done with organisations first to gain the necessary experiences.

Nathaniel Viandy Dondokambey, 1506789442,, 081287890834, Group 6
The lesson I have learnt is to give something small but meaningful for others. Giving or donating things is nice, as we helped them cover their needs. But, sometime by giving things there is no real interaction did, which sometimes leads into arrogance. By giving attention, there no need to us to be arrogant as we gave nothing but our time. Therefore, interactions were done and we will have more sympathy to others. This project gave so many meaningful things to learn. Of course, this means something for me.
At the beginning, I didn’t even know why I have to take this lecture. I also thought that every student in the faculty of engineering have to take this lecture. I didn’t have any idea about this lecture at all. Well, things changed after I went to this class for the first time.

I knew that I would like this class. As this class is really relaxing, there is no way I can feel really bored. This class is not like other classes which full of equations, but this class in filled with social studies. By entering this class, I knew that I would get something engineers sometimes forgot to have, social skills. As we, engineers, often have contact with complex equations to do our job, we sometimes forgot how to solve problems by looking at the feelings. Equations maybe can help, but it was sometimes not suitable to others feelings. The first interview project gave me a lesson in determining who are the people included in the marginal group. Then, by knowing who they are and what they need, I as the future leader will give them the solutions to their problems effectively.

After the take home mid-term test, we are close to our final project. Nothing much happened after we done our mid-term, as we focused on our finals. But, the final project gave us so many meaning in taking this lecture. We were taught in how to be caring person to others, how to manage a group, how to work in groups, and how to manage a problem in the middle of our project. By doing our final project, we were taught in how to be a more smart person but helpful to others. The main thing is, in becoming an engineer, I have to compile all of my knowledge for the sake of humanity. Without it, my knowledge will be useless.

I want to make a foundation for kids around the world. I want to supply them with knowledge and skills which will be useful for them. I want to make a free skill growth facility for the orphans. I think if this happened, even when a child is an orphan, they still can reach their dreams in the future. But, even though sometimes dreams don’t go as planned, we still can do something. Whatever we will going to do, as long as it is good to others, just do it.

RAIHAN NAUFAL SATRIA, 1506789455,, 081323288225, Group 6
First of all I would like to thank Prof. Raldi for giving me this excellent ethics project. This project teach us to be more care with the marginal people by helping, entertaining, and interacting with them.
From all what I did in this project, it really means a lot to me. From my opinion and my thoughts, the most valuable moment is when I interact and having fun with my cute little girl of 4 year old orphan, called Aini. She was actually very innocent orphan I think comparing to the other orphan and also she was the most calm rather than the others. I was very excited for entertaining the orphanage. We played together. From that moment, I remembered when I was in a childhood moments. It was like playing with the others and having fun with them. So, when I ran this project, it reminds me of my childhood memories.
From my opinion about taking the excellent ethics class with a lecture called Prof. Raldi is very meaningful. Although in the beginning class I felt bored and a little bit sleepy hearing what the lecture said. After he taught us about the marginal people and how do they actually lives in the real world, I realize that there are many marginal people out there asking for help, Then Prof. Raldi gave us an assignments about interviewing a marginal people, and the last project was about the excellent ethics project which is about visiting, teaching, and entertaining the orphanage. It makes us more care about them. I think having a lecture like Prof. Raldi who gave us some lessons about how to be a leader with a sympathy and always feel want to help the marginal people, is very valuable. The more I come to his class, the more I know how his attitude is. Thank you Prof. Raldi for teach us about the marginal people and how they survive in their lives.
Absolutely if we already graduate from college and then we get a job, we must’ve been forget about the marginal people. So after we have an ethics class, we will not forget about the lecture said and about the marginal people. I vow myself to be more care about the marginal people, and always help them until I die. Although my mother always taught me to help them, then I will not forget about them. If I lead this country or if become one of the government in Indonesia, surely I will force all the government to make a movement about helping the marginal people. Because in my thoughts, the marginal people always exist until the day ends. This teach us to be more care about them and always motivate us not to be selfish persons. So what would I do in the future? The simple answer is to help them by donating, visiting, and entertain the marginal people.

Rendy Harsa Rizal, 1506789474,, 081296096711, Group 6
Lesson learned from project
There are a few lessons I learned through executing this project. First and foremost that I should be thankful of what I have, and that I should never complain asking for more. After having done the project, I realized that there are unfortunate people everywhere near us. There are people who are much more suffering than us. So when we have a perfectly ‘normal’ life and we complain, wanting more material needs and happiness, I think that act shows that we are taking things for granted and that humans are conceded. We want more of life when there are people trying hard just to have a life itself. We want to be almighty when actually only god is, and that if he wishes it we would in a blink of an eye be dead.

Another thing that I learned is that every little gesture and action of kindness means a lot. Because for some people, those gestures and actions of kindness hardly comes by. For example, we are throwing our clothes out, so rather than doing that we wanted to donate it. Just by doing that there are actually people happy to get clothes. So action speak louder than words, what I learned is that. There would be no meaning in hesitating, just go out and help no matter how small it is, I guarantee that people will feel thankful of what you have done.
Experience in Ethics class, and suggestion
What I experienced from the start of Ethics class is awesome and epic. I really understand what the prof. is doing, and I think what he does is great. Unlike ordinary lectures that teaches straight form the book, the way prof. taught us is based on real life, and we are also told to do activities. I think this is really great, and I think this is the right way to teach about ethics.

My suggestion if I have to say one, maybe you could take the class somewhere and give them hands on lessons. Maybe show the baby incubator, or go somewhere and do a class project together to help people.

If I somehow become successful in the future, I of course want to help all marginal people. But because it would be hard to help them directly one by one, so if I somehow becomes super rich I would create a charity aid foundation. The charity will help marginal people of any kind with my money, and money gotten from donation and stuff too. If I become successful and well known, I hope people would also help me, and that will ensure the continuation of the charity foundation. And that people will be able to get help for a long time.

Rizki Sakti Pradipta, 1506789480,, 081289005397,
In my opinion the excellent ethics lectures are a nice break from the day to day lectures of mathematics and other sciences. And that it has many morals that we can learn from by listening to Prof Raldi speak for an hour every Monday. Morals that we can use as guidelines for our future, that we need to change our mindset from those who constantly ask, to those who give, give to the people that need help. I enjoy prof Raldi’s lectures on ethics greatly from beginning to end, as I view that ethics is something that must be taught to everyone, and that it is something that is lacking from most people in my generations, I included.
In the future I would like to go back to the orphanage that we helped in our ethics project, and interact with the children again. and do this not to just one orphanage, but to as many orphanages as I possibly can. Enough people donate food, clothes, and money to orphanages. But not enough donate time, time that they can spend to make children in orphanages smile and be inspired to do more, and strive to become more.

Jonathan Jofianus, 1506789373,, 081221180628
In my opinion, the relation between the visit and the interview assignment with the ethical subject that I have learned in the class week by week in the class meeting is the relation is close.
In the class, we taught about being a success and a smart people is not enough. A success that we got in the class is just an illusion. We got a high score only for ourselves. We got high score to prove that we are better that anyone. We just too focus in academic. But, we forgot about another people who don’t have a chance like us. Like learn in the school, get a good quality education, can sit in a comfortable table and chair in the class, have a class air conditioned, and many more that some people don’t have it.
We maybe got a high score in our university, in our school, get some achievement from many sectors, but we forgot about the people who have nothing near us. We may getting a high score and many trophies, but we should take care and help or at least remember, there are many people who have lived poorly near us, that we called it marginal people.
We as a student, also have a high sense of solidarity to them who have nothing near us. Because, after we graduate from college, maybe we will be more forget about them. If we have a high sense of solidarity, deepest sympathy and empathy from now, in the future, we can help much more people than now. Helping people in not easy. Helping people should be from inside our heart, and it cannot be pushed.
At first, maybe we can help people that live near us. Security, Cleaning Service, and anyone who needs our help. Maybe not only money, we can give them food, supplies, tools, or we can made something that they need.
What I get from the lesson in the class and the visit and the interview is I cannot only focus in myself, I cannot be a selfish man, I should open my eyes, look outside, look my world, that many people need me. What I got in the class should I applied in the real life, not just an ordinary theory and get a high score. I should have a high sense of solidarity to them who have nothing and need my help.
The world that we live in today is not real. When you look the people near us clearly, much of them is different from us. They totally need our attention and they need our help. They cannot live this life alone, we should help them.

I feel so lucky to get a lesson like ethical engineering. I think the lesson such as ethical engineering should not taught by mechanical engineering only, but also all of major in faculty engineering because this lesson taught us about not only know about people, but also it taught about how to have a contribution to other people who need our help to survive and live this life in this world.
From this lesson, I am taught how to interact with any kinds of people, not only my friends and people who lives near me, but also how to interact with the people who have many disabilities, the poor people, the sick people, that we called marginal people.
Beside interact with many kinds of people, I also get a lesson that now I know that the world that I live now is not the real world. Gadget, expensive car, expensive clothes, what we eat everyday, internet, books, malls, and anything else that we usually do is an illusion. That is not the real world. The real world are poverty, solitude, misery, war, a chronic disease, forgotten, and not considered is the real world. Many people live in that bad situation.
We may live in happy situation. But, remember we have a lot of fun above them who always suffer. I realize that I cannot just sit down and see what a bad thing happened to them. I should do something to help them to exit from that bad situation. From this lesson I learn many thing about social. Although I am a engineer student, but I also have a high sense of solidarity to social environment, to people who need a help from someone to exit from their situation.
Intelligence, trophies, achievement, appreciation, and academic are important, but it is not the most important. The most important thing are how we can communicate with any kinds of people, how we can understand what they need, what they feel, what they do in their daily routines, and then the last is how we can help them so they can feel what we feel now.
I hope what I get in my lesson in the excellent-ethics class can I applied in the real life. So I can help many people who need help. I wish I could realize my ideas into the real life, not just ideas.

Muhammad Ihsan Arsyad, 1506789436,, 081288908456

My Excellent-ethics lecture is very unique and attractive. His name is Raldi Artono Koestoer. With his degree Prof. Ir. Raldi Artono Koestoer, DEA. He is teaching in Facult of Engineering, University of Indonesia. This semester, he become my lecture in Mechanical Engineering, teaching Engineering Ethics. What did I experience about lecture and also about Engineering Ethics that he teach us to become a person that care about our surroundings. How to be care with marginal people and also help them with our limitations. Beside them, Prof. Raldi also teach us about what will we needed in the future, about future leadership and also become a real-action person. I personally enjoyed the way he thought me. From his opinion that I remembered, he said that future leadership should be able to do a real action, not becoming an actor that only focusing on making up his/her reputation. Actually I enjoyed the assignment he gave to us. The assignment is to take a visit and having an interview with marginal people and I think it was very useful. From that assignment I can learn about the real condition of people. This assignment make me realize that there are so many people that are stronger while they should face the reality of life that isn’t by their side. Then I know that I should be appreciated things more than before because there are so many people that dreaming about things that I have now. He really want us to become a wise person. He really don’t want us to forget about marginal people after we graduate. He told us that usually many of their students forget about marginal people, forget about what he already thought and also become selfish. You also have to know that Prof. Raldi made an incubator for new-born baby and rent it for free. He made the incubator by himself. He open recruitment for agent who wants to help people like he do and this incubator especially for premature baby and saving their lives. It also helps their parents too. In my opinion, Prof. Raldi is very unique and attractive person. He also a wise person I think. He also teach us about valuable lesson based on his own experiences. I like him personally. No wonder everybody call him Excellent-Ethics Lecture and I totally agree with them.

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