Testing of Grashof Incubator

New Grashof Incubators designed and manufactured by Mechanical Dept, were tested before using to save preemies newborn babies at home. Free of charge service for the community managed and organized by Faculty of Engineering Univ of Indonesia.
Contact SMS Gateway Center +6285659312070.
More than 170 babies since 2,5 years ago, were saved with a free community services under the system of Socio-Technopreneurship which will be enlarge to cover 34 provinces all-over Indonesia.

So far, the agent of free Grashof incubator exist in 9 spread locations: Cilegon, Jabodetabek, Pemalang, Semarang, Magelang, Malang, Denpasar, Banda Aceh and West Kalimantan. Next september expected new agent at Jember east-java.


One response

  1. assalaamu ‘alaikum

    dear Prof. Raldi

    What kind of methode for temperature control for your incubator? In Kick Andy programme, I interpreted that it use on-off methode. This methode yields oscillating temperarure around targeted temperature, and may give stress to the baby.

    If that true, may I contribute a simple circuit for temperature control? It works propotionally, the heater (bulb in this case) get dim if the actual temperature getting close to targeted temperature.

    It works smoothly. When I test it, I set 40 centigrade target and the temperature varies between 39.9 to 40.1 centigrade.

    In that test, I set 40 centigrade because I intended the design for chicken-eggs incubator. But it can be set above room temperature to 99 centigrade.

    I hope you answer my offer. I need my knowledge be able to contribute kindness for mankind.

    Sorry for my terrible english. Thank you.

    sincerely yours

    rachmat arianto

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