Lecturer…what’s your creation ?

I wrote this script among several fun activities, include, reading a very interesting book and . the title of the book  is – an intellectual struggle; Biography Soedjatmoko – by M. Nursam. Today is Saturday  that means a weekend holiday, I have nothing special principally, so I spend my time to play the flute  a musical instrument which in recent years has become my passion. On TV, there were films Tomorrow Never Die – James Bond’s  film, the actor is not a new one but still remain  the same, once again  the JB, nowadays he’s been using mobile phone.

And certainly.. this should not be the last, I type this text with a new notebook Sony Vaio, a gift of my coleague’s Ristek (I prefer mention their names, Pupung, Jajang, Rudi, Wawan and Osmen in addition of course my ex secretary Yuli). And again today a bit different, especially for New Order era (orde baru jaman suharto) there was what the so called SUPER SEMAR (Surat Perintah Sebelas Maret), surely in the year of 2006.

OK now let’s talk about the above title. This morning at ten o’clock I gave lecture about education to ITI’s teaching staff, they are all from Chemical Engineering department, Institut Teknologi Indonesia. This was not the first time I present my favorite topic in ITI but I’ve already three times giving such training in ITI. The first might be four or five years ago. Also they were from Chemical but the location was in Puncak. Give me three minutes to remind myselt when it was… 12 Jan 2001, a time that we (SMP1) had a reunion in Angki’s house and I met my old friend Erick. The second was in the year 2004, this time the audience came from Architectural departmentofITI. I remember pak Nana Mardio was the contact person from ITI. This morning the same (or almost the same) audiences, they were from Chemical department. But I saw more than 50 percent of them were different than before. More man than woman, for me it’s not normal, it used to be more woman than man in chemical engineering, am I right ?

Ibu Raskita took charge as a contact person. She made me a phone call and SMS since last month. In the list of program, it was mention that my lecture was in the second session just after ibu Dr Ilah Sailah, I guess She’s from IPB Bogor. When I arrived at 10, ibu Ilah had been giving her speech of competency based curriculum. Some of her slides remind me to many ideas of my next turn.

I took my time to listen carefully while trying a taste of a cup of tea sorry.. cofee. She was on time in finishing her turn. So I will do the same with mine. I’ve started with introducing myself and also my email and webpage. The most important for me is to inform my age to audience, because I looked younger than my age. It could be possible that if I didn’t mention my age, they will thought that I am a guy who was just born yesterday (anak yg baru lahir kemarin sore). I pointed out that I’ve finished my Doctor’s degree more than 20 years ago, for not being thought I am incompetence neither incapable. Not more than 3 minutes for intro then I started with Quantum Learning (QL).

I showed them some important points. The real teaching (or perhaps better called learning only) is to provide the student to have the skill – Learning how to learn – (Belajar bagaimana cara belajar). The chemical engineering is just the case, it could be any other subject. The student must discover themselves the formula which seemed that was found by them. The teachers have to guide students for having their own way to discover. The students should have to be, of course, active even proactive. Make their brain working and working always. Not only the brain but with all the body and nerve. One point which also important in my opinion in QL is –Writing- I brought with me 4 books that I’ve written to prove that since 1996 the year I’ve read QL for the 1st time, I’ve already produced many books due to QL (in ten years). And I’m very sure, if QL really touched people, teacher and lecturer especially, the impact will be incredible outstanding or ‘dahsyat’. Look since then (1996) I’ve been producing many-many books. The most interesting for me it’s not a scientific or technical book that I have written, but mostly my attention is focused on my ‘autobiography’ which is for me totally different than others.

Because it comes really from my mind without any reference that normally include in my papers, books or other produced document. Of course, there are some exceptions, as you will see in the book, I put also my assignment paper when I’d been in post graduate study in philosophy (1999). I followed 2 semesters only, I quit the school due to my duty as a Deputy Dean of FTUI in the year 2000. Many of the essays were made when I’ve been in visit or travel, to foreign university or lab or also for other purpose of visit to other city or neighbor country. Other influence is concerning my interest to develop the inner ability, this English trial shows the impact of my skill in mastering English, other foreign language of course I speak French (as well as English, this experiment English text will put me to the status of one of the international blogger.. isn’t that good ? What do you think then, send me your comments..).

Look, this was an example of my question to the audience:”After passing many years in university as a lecturer, have you ever been asking yourself, what is your creative work, which should be useful for other people ?”
I know there were some of them are old enough, 60 years old even 70.

“You ask yourself – what have I done, so far – . Is there any of you writing a scientific book. Or other creative result product from your own work, or from you and your team ?”
No one answered, they looked a bit shy. I know some of them, they were producing a scientific paper, but I continue: ”I’ve written many scientific paper, but for me, it’s useless. No one read my paper. It’s just adding my credit as a lecturer toward professor nothing others.” And a lot of professors, that never write a book that they should have to.

In brief, I’ve made them a shock therapy, especially for the people who already past 45 years old. Put everybody into a border line condition. Change the paradigm of their vision, make a change in their life first, and then change the way to teach in class. Increase the performance of themselves, new creation in their life. Make an invention and innovation.
In the middle of the presentation, I asked them to write or put into paper, what they want to change in their life, what kind of vision mission they have to perform in the next three years. Everybody tried to think and write, while I play some music with my flute. This showed how to make balance with the right brain. We’re not only working with our left brain as it is always thought by teacher in the class so that we always ignore our right brain capability. This should be so far the important thing forgotten by most people to have a balance in their life. And.. do you know which part of our brain correspond to a creation and innovation …? Right brain… surely.

In the end, they looked happy and seemed sorry that the organizer only put in program one hour twenty minutes for me, while in the past they conserved more than a halfday for my speech and presentation.

(This text first part written on March 11, last half part on March 12, 2006, with some addition 13 March 06, remake totally english 17Oct12).

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