My Comprehensive Health Report

Are you a Medical Doctor ?

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If You’re not… send also your opinion. We share everything concerning our health as an ‘over 50’ people.

This report was made by a magic analyzer machine, it takes only (not more than) 5 minutes. The sensor is a small steel pipe of 10 cm connected with a cable to the machine. And you just keep it with your finger for a couple of minute. Then… magic… your health condition appear in screen monitor and can be printed anytime. More than that, in file computer there is  (softcopy form) more complete report with 30 items plus. And if  you  print all the complete items you need more than 30 pages text report of your health.

What amazing machine… Do you believe it ?


Comprehensive Report Card


Name: Raldi Koestoer Sex: Male Age: 57
Figure: Slightly heavier than the(163cm, 64kg) Testing Time: 2012-07-25 10:40


About the probably hidden problems
System Testing Item;   Normal Range;   Actual Measurement;   Value Expert advice
Basic physical quality Water Shortage;   33,367 – 37,642;   27,575;   Work and rest together, make emotion stable, eat more foods for adjusting blood fat, such as lack fungus, fungi, vegetables and fruits, and eat less foods with high cholesterol, foods that have high salinity and high-fat foods.
Obesity Lipid metabolism;   1,992 – 3,713;   0,746;   More exercise, low fat, low calorie diet principles.

About the problems of sub-health trends
System Testing Item;   Normal Range;   Actual Measurement;   Value Expert advice
Gastrointestinal function Gastric Absorption Function Coefficient;   34,367 – 35,642;   29,769;   Eat more non-stimulating and digestible foods and vegetables on time, chew the foods thoroughly, eat less but have more meals, relax in eating, keep happy mood, pay attention to rest, and do not eat cold food.
Liver function Protein Metabolism;   116,34 – 220,62;   65,06;   Eat more foods rich of vitamins B, C and E, such as black fungus, fungi foods; eat less fried foods, and quit smoking, drinking and spicy foods.
Energy Production Function 0,713 – 0,992;   0,382
Detoxification Function 0,202 – 0,991;   0,074
Brain nerve Sentiment Index 0,109 – 0,351;  0,754 Reduce stress, pay attention to rest, eat less meat and foods with high cholesterol, eat more vegetables, quit smoking and drinking, and be able to do appropriate exercises, such as: walking, jogging, playing tai chi, etc.
Bone mineral density Osteoclast Coefficient 86,73 – 180,97;   195,20 Have a reasonable diet, increase outdoor sports, supplement adequate calcium, usually pay more attention to appropriate exercise, such as walking, jogging, etc.
Rheumatoid bone disease Degree of Cervical Calcification 421 – 490;   515 Eat less bean foods and soy products, and do not eat stimulating food, tobacco and alcohol.
Trace element Vitamin A 0,346 – 0,401;  0,311 Supplement corresponding lacking trace elements by using a variety of foods, or by using through drugs or health products, if necessary.
Vitamin C 4,543 – 5,023;  3,676
Endocrine System Thymus gland secretion index 2,967 – 3,528;   1,773 Recommends eating more high protein and vitamin B, C-rich foods,such as yam, soy milk, regular life, soothe emotions, can be practicing yoga.
Immune System Thymus index 58,425 – 61,213;  54,241 Psychological adjustment, optimistic attitude, and more with friends and colleagues, to participate in meaningful activities, to keep the body strong state.
Amino Acid Phenylalanine 0,731 – 1,307;   2,254 Comparison of amino acid-rich foods are fish, such as cuttlefish, octopus, eel, loach, sea cucumber, squid, silkworm, chicken, frozen tofu, seaweed and so on.In addition, like beans, legumes, peanuts, almonds or bananas and other amino acids than more.
Threonine 0,422 – 0,817;   1,615
Isoleucine 1,831 – 3,248;   5,108
Histidine 2,903 – 4,012;   5,363


The test results for reference only and not as a diagnostic conclusion.


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