Internship di Taiwan

National Tsing Hua University (NTHU)

Bersama ini disampaikan informasi dari National Tsing Hua University (NTHU) - Taiwan, mengenai Internasional Internship Program dengan info sebagai berikut :

A. Outstanding Academic Performance
* NTHU was ranked first in Taiwan in 2012 by the U.K. Times.
* The world ranking of CoE is continuously increasing, from 114th in 2008, to 84th in 2009, and to 67th in 2010, according to the QS Times.
* Three Nobel Laureates, one Wolf Prize winner, and ten academicians (Academia Sinica, Taiwan) are from NTHU.

B. Excellent Research Environment
* State of the art research facilities
* 127 brilliant faculty members, 46 professional staff, and 3000 intelligent and friendly students
* Collaboration with 137 universities in 30 different countries

C. Attractive Surroundings
* NTHU is located in Hsinchu City; the world famous Science and Industrial Park is within walking distance; and it is just 90 minutes by car to Taipei 101 and the National Palace Museum
* The campus is beautiful, with abundant greenery, small hills, scenic lakes, Chinese Gardens, and ecological reserves
* The university's surroundings are superb, safe and convenient, providing gourmet food courts, bookstores, supermarkets, traditional markets, and shopping malls for electronics items

D. Academics :
* Department of Chemical Engineering
* Department of Power Mechanical Engineering
* Department of Materials Science and Engineering
* Department of Industrial Engineering and Engineering Management
* Institute of NanoEngineering and MicroSystems
* Institute of Biomedical Engineering

About Internship

A. High-Value Global Engineer Leadership Scholarship
* Subsidized round-trip airline ticket
* Monthly living allowance
* Free university accommodation

B. Program Application
* Worldwide undergraduate and graduate students with good academic performance are qualified to apply
* The internship duration is at least two months
* Applications can be submitted anytime

Demikian informasi ini disampaikan. Untuk informasi lebih lengkap dapat mengunjungi link berikut

Atas perhatian Bapak/Ibu, diucapkan terima kasih.

Salam hormat,
Yunita D. Hapsari
Sekretaris Man. Pendidikan & Riset FTUI

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