Final Project Examination of S1

Final Project Examination of S1 in Mech Engineering Fac of Eng Univ of Indonesia, was started this morning. Students present their work in form of comprehensive presentation as well as discussion including question and answer with the lecturers.

Final project students, who present their speech, are Hamdalah Hazhar, Kapa Coss,a J, Gilang AIV, Sabdo Waluyo, M Iqbal Bimo A, Rian Saputra, Tasia Larosa, Ardhana P. And the reviewer from Mech Dept are four lecturer, Nandy Putra, Danardono, Agus Pamitran, Raldi Artono.-

Topics, Cryosurgery based on peltier element, thermoacoustic cooling, Screen mesh wick in straight and loop heat pipe, Thermoelectric on Agarose gel electrophoresis.-

Uploaded by koestoerytube on Jun 17, 2011


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