Prof Noam Lior and Master Students

Prof Noam Lior from Pennsylvania univ  USA, expert in thermodynamic and reviewer of many scientific journal, visited Univ of Indonesia Mechanical Engineering Dept. A session has been presented about ‘How to write a better scientific papers for journal’. Hosted by Prof M Idrus Alhamid expert in cooling refrigeration system from FTUI.:

Noam Lior

University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, USA

Editor-in-Chief (1998-2009), ENERGY – The International Journal,

Editorial Boards of:

Energy Conversion and Management

Frontiers of Energy and Power Engineering in China

Desalination, The Int. Journal of Desalting & Water Purification

Desalination and Water Treatment Journal

Thermal Science and Engineering journal (Japan)

Russian Journal of Engineering Thermophysics, 1990-2001

ASME Journal of Solar Energy Engineering, 1983‑1989


UI Master Students

Master Students year 2010 in the class meeting of Research Design, cnducted by Raldi A. Koestoer. THe discussion includest background of research, objective, methodology, literature study, hypothesis, Data measurement, data processing, Analysis, discussion as well as conclussion and abstract.
















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