Balancing of Energy Strategy

Indonesian Energy Balance Strategy in the future

Based on Local Characteristics and Condition


Raldi A. Koestoer and Bambang Sugiarto


Future energy strategy of a country such Indonesia, should have to considere many local characteristics and condition. The problems must be explored and discussed from many points of view. The most important one, is in the supply sides, which is mainly nowadays supported by a fosil  fuel such as oil, gas and coal. The availability of resources is limited and the environment impact due to the greedy exploitation and exploration, sometime could not be afforded by the local condition. The renewable resources such as biofuel, as well as solar and wind, must be developed faster in the industrial level.

From the demand side (application and user) another characteristic appear. Mostly Indonesian industries were build in Java island, almost 60% of population (144 million people) also stay in Java, so as a consequence consumption of energy 80% is in Jamali island (Java, Madura and Bali). It means eventhough there are a lot of coal resources in Sumatra and Kalimantan, a very long transportation should be prepared to many location in Java island. As a matter a fact user in household, transportation and industry, would rather contribute their behavior in imbalancing the strategy. New energy including Nuclear, OTEC, tidal and other, in the next utilisation, must be taken into account due to many local potential in remote region.

Balance in considering many factors should be considered for the next 10 to 15 years in the future. Domestic utlisation of resources seems more important than that of income from exporting natural resources.


2 responses

  1. Mantap Prof Temanya. Untuk remote area, NPP dengan ukuran small (300 MWe > ) bisa digunakan meskipun SMART (Small & Medium Advance Reactor Technology) dan reaktor sejenis belum komersial, namun bisa jadi alternatif. Rusia, punya reaktor terapung, KLT40 dan sudah bisa digunakan, namun belum licenced oleh IAEA prof.

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